Tech Recruiter-as-a-Service

Fill a 3-months gap in your Tech Recruitment team.

Avoid expensive recruitment fees. Pay a flat hourly rate.

Our Process

What you can expect from our Tech Recruiters

Day 1

Role Intake Call

Define the Role

We’ll use our standard Role Intake Document to make sure we clearly understand your requirements and expectations since Day 1.

Day 3

Hiring Strategy Call

Define the Hiring Strategy

You’ll approve our Job Description and Technical Questions. We’ll publish the role in niche job boards and reach out to candidates.

Day 7 / Repeats Weekly

KPIs Review Call

Weekly Status Update

We’ll share 3 to 5 great candidates per week on our Trello boards or your ATS. We'll also present a weekly KPI Report of our activity.

Do you qualify for a Tech Recruiter-as-a-Service?

We do our best work for founders of companies that match a specific set of criteria.

The Mindset

Scaling Development

Companies looking to grow their development team to build a great product.

Hiring the Best

Companies with a high hiring standard who don't outsource development.

Exciting Work

Companies with talented teams, great compensation and interesting products.

100% Remote

Companies who understand that remote work is the future of work.

The Roadblocks

No Technical Recruiters

Companies lacking recruiters with technical skills to find and screen developers.

Few Inbound Candidates

Companies with few inbound candidates and little time to search for great candidates.

Hefty Recruitment Fees

Companies who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars in recruitment fees.

Hiring Surges

Companies who need to temporarily increase their Recruitment capabilities.


Simple Hourly Rate, no Extra Fees

If you’re not satisfied, let us know in the first 7 days and you won’t be charged anything.

Tech Recruiter-as-a-Service

Work directly with a Technical Recruiter to find great remote software developers. Pay a flat hourly rate.

Meet a Tech Recruiter

What's included

  • On-demand technical Recruiter.

  • Recruiter with technical vetting skills.

  • Weekly Report with Recruitment KPIs.

  • Structured Hiring Process.

  • Access to Recruitment tools.

  • Database of pre-vetted developers.