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Development Team

"If you need help to develop your product."

We match you with a team of pre-vetted developers to build your product.

What's included

  • Simple Monthly Invoice.
  • No termination fees.
  • Pre-screened software developers.

Internal Hire

"If you need to hire for your payroll."

We help you find the right developers to join your own internal team.

What's included

  • One-time Recruitment Fee.
  • 90 days guarantee.
  • Custom hiring process.

Tech Recruiter-as-a-Service

"If you need a tech recruiter."

We extend your recruitment team to help you hire based on your needs.

What's included

  • Fixed Hourly Rate.
  • No additional fees.
  • Custom hiring process.

We love the flexibility and clear communication. It helped us to quickly find a team to build our product.


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