Frontend Engineer

Remote (Europe)
Posted on 2021-09-21
Tech Stack
React JavaScript TypeScript
Yearly Salary
60k € - 80k €


We are looking for a Senior fully remote Frontend Engineer with over 5 years of professional experience.

You will be alongside a cross functional team on a modern and modular product management platform. We highly value frontend experience with React. We also value leadership skills once you could lead one of the teams you'd be joining.

What You’ll Do:

  • Develop new features for the platform using React.
  • Diagnose issues on production systems proactively using various monitoring tools.
  • Work with Backend engineers to build exciting products for our customers.
  • Deconstructing recurring problems into their single pieces to produce highly modular and reusable code.

What We're Looking For:

  • 5+ years experience in Frontend roles.
  • Experience with ReactJS and TypeScript.
  • It is nice you have experience with Docker.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Good communication skills.

Why Work with us:

  • We’re a small team that is very strong technically. You’ll be working alongside seriously talented engineers with plenty of industry experience.
  • We’ll rely on you to help us build a modern and modular product management platform. Your role will be vital to guide our team.
  • We’re based in Hamburg, but you can work remotely. You work from where you want, provided you're based in Europe.

This is a long-term, full-time role. We’re looking for people who can grow with our products for years to come.

About airfocus:

airfocus offers a modern and modular product management platform.

It provides a complete solution for product teams to manage and communicate their strategy, prioritize their work, build roadmaps, and connect feedback to solve the right problems. Designed with flexibility in mind, airfocus allows you to quickly customize the platform to fit your needs without disrupting the way your team works.

airfocus is reimagining the way teams make decisions. From how they prioritize their never-ending list of features, ideas, and projects to how they create beautiful yet effective roadmaps. airfocus is shaping the future of collaboration and strategy. To get there, airfocus brought together a collective of optimists and doers to tackle challenges along this ride. We believe in learning by doing – and that there is no better classroom than real-world experience.

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