How to Start Getting Better Job Offers on LinkedIn

A step-by-step on how to prepare your LinkedIn profile as a Developer to the Recruiters

Having a LinkedIn profile is as important as having a well-written CV.

Yet, most people don’t understand how LinkedIn works and how crucial it is for career growth.

You need to understand that your LinkedIn profile is not about the description of yourprofessional background for your connections. In fact, it's rarely for that. Its main purpose is to quickly convey your expertise to people who never met you.

It gets you found.

How to Prepare Your LinkedIn Profile as a Developer

The most frequently used tool by Recruiters is LinkedIn. Recruiters look for people with specific qualifications and experience. Sadly, it's likely you're missing out on some incredible opportunities just because your profile is not prepared to be found.

Some very simple steps can change your whole life, allowing you to develop your career and achieve your dream job.

Here are 5 steps you could take to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Add your name and location
  2. Keep your experiences updated
  3. Write some details about you and your goals in the “About” section
  4. Interact with your network
  5. Be nice to people and reply to the messages you receive

Now, let’s dig a bit deeper into each of them:

  1. Add your name (first and last) and current location.

    Some companies are looking to hire candidates from specific countries. You could think that adding this information limits your options, but in practice it will just prevent you from losing time with interviews that will lead nowhere.

    Linkedin name and location
    *Note: All private and sensitive information is protected.
  2. Keep your experiences updated, and most importantly, share details about what you’re doing.

    You don’t have to share clients' names (mainly if you have a non-disclosure agreement).

    Inside each role that you had, you could share some of your daily tasks and associated stack. This will be a huge step for you to be found by recruiters.

    Don’t limit your profile to “Software Developer” or “Frontend/Backend Engineer” titles, because that doesn’t give us (recruiters) much detail about what in fact you’re doing.

    Linkedin experience

  3. Write some details about you and your goals in the “About” section.

    You should use it to your advantage by writing a simple text about yourself, where you include a list of technologies that you’re most comfortable working with, current role and responsibilities.

    You can take this opportunity to share your professional goals with your network and add some keywords that will lead recruiters to your profile with different opportunities.

    Say, for example, that you’ve been working as a Python Developer for the last 3/4 years, but you aim to achieve a Tech lead role. If the word "Tech Lead" is inside your profile, it's more easily noticed for a related opportunity.

    Linkedin about section

  4. Interact with your network.

    The more active you are the more visible you become. This means interacting with your network, and - who knows - creating and posting content.

    If you want to take your profile to the next level, this will make you really appealing to the recruiters’ eyes. Someone that creates a positive impact in our society is for sure a promising profile to be hired.

    Interact with your network

  5. Reply to the messages you receive and be nice.

    Reply to the people that are trying to reach you. Even if you’re not interested, it’s better to say “Thank you, I’m not interested” than absolute silence.

    The world is really small and we all share experiences. If some recruiter shares with another that you never replied, then even if your profile is found, it might get ignored, because that person knows it’s a waste of time sending you a message. Be nice to people, everyone is just doing their job.

    Linkedin messages replies


I know this could sound like too much information, but it is information that could help you achieve the next level and your dream job.

Most importantly, please search for a job and a team where you feel fulfilled and recognised. Then you don’t have to work a day, because you will do just what makes you happy.

To help you to wrap up all the information, here are the 5 steps:

  1. Add your name and location;
  2. Keep your experiences updated;
  3. Write some details about you and your goals in the “About” section;
  4. Interact with your network;
  5. Be nice to people and reply to the messages you receive.

And if you’re looking for opportunities, check out our Jobs page.

Mariana Magalhães
Written by Mariana Magalhães

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